Sparkled Ishiyå.

Happiness Joviality Peace.

Ishiyå Vision.


Ishiya Vision

``To realize a paradigm shift in the world's understanding of Wellbeing.``

Ishiyå Mission.


Ishiya Mission

``To spread Love, Joviality and Jazz Dazzling Peace.``

Ishiyå Motto.


Ishiya Motto

``Spark human consciousness to excel pain and suffering through witnessing the jovial universal consciousness.``

Ishiyå Zeal.

“The Ishiyå missionary zeal expresses our commitment and disciple to quality.”

Charities we support with our work:

Love yourself jovially, as you are the ruminating peace spark cherishing the sparkling idea of love.
Trushar Shantilalji Patel, Founder & Managing Director of Ishiyå Wellbeing.