Ishiyå augments professional relationships with Love & Peace.

Ishiyå Wellbeing is London based management training company that augments emotional intelligence whilst encouraging business harmony.

Management Wellbeing.

Ishiyå delivers impactful programmes that can cultivate, sustain and grow the company’s greatest asset – the “workforce”.  

The Ishiyå Wellness programme.

The life transformational wellness programme that surfaces core issues and ignites positive lifestyle changes.  Embrace a complete 360° feeling of joviality mixed with peace & happiness.

Private Journey.

Ishiyå Wellbeing was founded by TrusharManagement Wellbeing Trainer, Entrepreneur, Management Consultant and Chartered Certified Accountant. Trushar has healed from chronic neck pain, severe back pain, prolonged depression, psoriasis, obesity and postural imbalance.

Trushar has a firm vision to ignite global paradigm shift in the world’s understanding of Wellbeing.